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Kristi, worked with us to buy our home 15 years ago and did a wonderful job. We were very happy with our home. Now we are moving out of state so we called on Kristi once again. And, she did a magnificent job selling our house. She advised us as to what we needed to do to bring our house into 2018  compliance (smoke alarms and self closing doors in the garage). Kristi has a superior knowledge of the real estate market in San Diego County and proved to have a masterful expertise in how to sell our house quickly. She was pleasant to work with and was able to negotiate the deal for our best interest. I highly recommend her and cannot give enough high praise for Kristi's abilities.

Michael Mendoza, Zillow

Kristi Gonzalez is the only realtor that you need to know in the San Diego area. I recently moved to the San Diego area to take a new job, and needed to find a place to live quickly. After deciding to purchase (for the first time) rather than rent, Kristi was thankfully the first agent I got in  touch with. She immediately took a couple of steps back, knowing that I was a first time buyer, and beautifully explained a lot of the basics of buying a home and specifically buying a home in the San Diego area. Through this whole process with me, an admitted newbie, she was always perfectly knowledgeable, patient, and never patronizing. I think my favorite part of this process was Kristi’s ability to match my energy level and feeling of urgency in hunting a new home. We worked together to divide my desired area into zones which we systematically investigated over the course of about a week (we covered a lot of area and a large number of homes very quickly). Throughout this process Kristi kept a smile on her face and a sense of humor about her, which made the whole process so much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. In the end, we found the perfect place for me, and Kristi took prompt action to ensure that my bid was submitted as soon as possible, so that I had the best possible chance at getting the home that I picked. After that point, Kristi remained dedicated to me and my desire to close quickly by urging other people in the closing process to stay on task, when it was pretty clear that they otherwise wouldn’t have. All in all, this process took approximately one month, which is far quicker than I expected going into it. It’s that one month time-frame in addition to the fact that I didn’t feel pushed or rushed at all that made everything all the more impressive to me. For me, Kristi was a God-send, and I guarantee that she will be no less for any other first time or non-first time buyer. Her level of dedication and service with a smile is incredibly rare these days, and for that reason, when it comes time to sell the home I just purchased, I’ll look no further. If I have a choice in the matter, Kristi will be my realtor for life.

adamwarren10, Zillow